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Media Kit

Why Advertise?

  •  The largest Web Portal pertaining to the Indian IT Industry

  •  Computer Hardware , Software and Services all under one roof

  •  Excellent demographics

  •  Global Reach

India IT is a web portal which targets both the Indian IT Industry and the non IT segment. India IT Hub is the amalgamation of Nehru Place IT Hub and Delhi IT Hub. We have a rich experience of Five Years behind us which has taken shape in the form of India IT Hub.

Advertisers get the benefit of tapping the Corporate India, SME segment, Manufacturing units, SOHO segment, Channel Partners and Individual Buyers

The Computer Hardware manufactures, Channel Partners, Software development Companies and Service Providers all need to showcase their products and services to the buyers but inexpensive ad rates without good demographics on an irrelevant site are useless. That is why India IT takes pride in offering advertisers effective and uncomplicated ways to promote their product or brand.

India IT has built its reputation on providing informative content for a captive and affluent reader base. The portal's layout, reputation of integrity, global reach, and user demographics make it a goldmine for any advertiser who wants to promote a new product, build a brand, or acquire a new clientele.

India IT is flexible regarding advertiser demands, and works closely with all its clients to ensure that their ad campaign reaps the best possible results.

India IT takes pride in being in close contact with advertisers. India IT deals with clients promptly and adjusts campaigns as the need arises.

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What is India IT Hub.coms traffic?

India IT's traffic stands at over 5.6 million readers/visitors a month, which produces 39 million page views. Its average user spends nearly 8.2 minutes on the site every visit, browsing through over 28,000 information rich pages.
What this means to the advertiser is that India IT has loyal readers, and an advertisement on any page does not go unnoticed.

Latest stats (January2005):

What it also means is that you will have access to more "eyeballs" on India IT than you would in any print magazine. Only a handful of print magazines have a circulation of 1 million; India IT has more than 5.6 million readers, with the accuracy of online reports to track exactly how many people view your ad.

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Where does India IT get exposure from?

India IT Hub.coms reach far exceeds the biggest portals. It has different sites linking to it, with major search engines like Google, AOL, MSN, Looksmart, Yahoo, Overture, Lycos, Netscape and Altavista are sending thousands of new readers over to the site every day, which in return, gives advertisers fresh daily exposure to new users. Marketing deal with Google also ensure that India IT continues to look forward and build its audience base, as well as increase exposure to its advertisers.

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What are India IT's demographics?

Registered User on , and as of July 2005.

What kind of ads does India IT accept?

India IT is very flexible with ad campaign proposals. The site offers a variety of ad formats and sizes, including rich media. Advertisers can run Interstitials, or even pop-up. Costs do vary for each format, however. The various Sizes available are 360x50 pixel, 120x100 pixel, 150x35 pixel, 200x200 pixels, 120x100 pixel
India IT also provides a variety of other venues that advertisers may take, including:

  • Text links
  •  Advertorials (sponsored articles)
  •  Newsletter ads
  • Recommended product boxes
  • Auctions
  • Site of The Day
  • Sponsorship packages (includes surveys or questions through mailers)

    India IT has also helped quite a few upstart Companies build valuable brand awareness, acquire traffic and generate leads and sales.
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Where can I place my ad?

India IT's most popular ad campaigns run on 4 main ad slots:

              Type                                                                        Size

         Advertisement on Homepage:  

Main Banner (top,  includes 1 mass mail) 20KB 468 x 60  pixel
Middle Banner (includes 1 mass mail) 468 x 60 pixel
Right Side Spot ( includes 1 mass mail) 120x100 pixel
Bottom Banner ( includes 1 mass mail) 20KB 468 x 60 pixel
Pop up Banner 200x200 pixels

          Advertisement under various categories:  

Category Right Side Spot 120x100 pixel

Can I promote my product through an article?
Yes. India IT publishes sponsored articles commonly referred to as advertorials, which serve to give advertisers the opportunity to use an article format to promote their product or brand. The article is clearly marked as being sponsored to protect India IT readers as well as the advertiser, and may be written by an India IT author or the advertiser.

If you would like to make further enquiries, contact India IT by:

Phone: +91-11-41638627-8, 09311030043
Fax: +91 11 26438848


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